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Private telephone systems can generate revenue for companies by offering broadcast services or operating as call centers. Direct marketing broadcast services provide revenue by using an existing telephone system to broadcast a customer’s message to a list of hundreds or perhaps thousands of recipients. The customer is then charged for the usage of the telephone system to broadcast their message. Call centers provide revenue by processing customer service requests (such as placing orders) or by providing sales and marketing services (telemarketing). In either case, call centers may charge fee on a per-call or percentage of sales basis.

Direct Marketing Broadcast Services
Direct marketing broadcast services include sending fax and e-mail messages to qualified groups of people. Fax and email broadcast services are distribution service that can use CTI technology to delivery the same message or even adapt each message for a list of recipients. Clients use e-mail and fax broadcast to reach a targeted audience with a sales message. Clients may provide a list of recipients for the fax broadcast, or for an additional fee, broadcasters will supply the customer with a list of names to target. Typically, clientele are charged on a per fax basis, with discounts for high volume broadcasts. Some broadcasters charge a per-minute usage fee rather than billing for services on a per fax basis.

Figure 1 shows the typical charges for direct fax market broadcasting. This table shows that prices for this service range from a few cents to 50 cents per fax drop as quantity ordered increases to beyond 5,000 faxes. This chart also shows that there is usually a restriction on the minimum amount of information that a customer can send.

Figure 1: Direct Market Broadcast Cost

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