Multimedia Communication

Multimedia communication is the delivery of different types of information such as voice, data, or video. Communication systems may separately or simultaneously transfer multimedia information.

Video conferencing is an application of multimedia communication technology that merges voice and video via the use of microphones, video cameras, and special multiplexers. Routinely companies set up certain conference rooms at their various sites and equip them with video conferencing equipment. There are various video conferencing standards including the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) H.323 and standard T.120 for multipoint data conferencing.

Video conferencing standards may allow for the use of whiteboards. Whiteboards are devices that can capture images or hand drawn text so they can be displayed in a window in at the connected video conferencing system. Whiteboards allow video conferencing users to place share documents, images, and/or hand written diagrams with one (or more) video conference call attendees.

Figure 1 shows the basic operation of sending video over an Internet connection. This diagram shows a computer with video conferencing capability that calls a destination computer. Computer #1 initiates a video conference call to computer #2 using the address When computer #2 receives a data message from computer #1, a message is displayed on the monitor and an audio tone (ring alert) occurs. If the user on computer #2 wants to receive the call, they select the answer option (via the mouse or keyboard) that is generated by the software. Computer #1 then initiates a data connection with computer #2. The video conferencing software and data processing software in the computers (e.g., USB data bus and sound card) convert the analog audio signal from the microphone and digital video signal into a digital form that can be transmitted via the data link between the computers.

Figure 1: Video Conferencing through the Internet

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Video conferencing software is the interaction between different people just like face to face despite the location.

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