Web-Based Service Customization

Service customization is the activity through which a subscriber to a communications service can change a subset of parameters. These parameters typically define the runtime behavior of the service. For example, for the freephone service, subscribers should (at minimum) be able to set the following parameters:

  • The time of day when the calls are to be directed to a particular destination number
  • The day of the week when the calls are to be directed to a particular destination number
  • The destination number where the calls from a certain area code should terminate

Another example is the follow-me service, where customers can prescribe how they wish incoming calls to be directed according to their schedule and availability (by using similar parameters).

Traditionally, to customize a communications service, particularly one that is delivered over the PSTN, a subscriber would need to have a special networking arrangement with his or her service provider to receive direct, secure access to customer records. Before the proliferation of the Internet, there simply was no infrastructure that would allow small customers to access such information. Now, telecommunications companies can move the customizable parameters to (properly secured) IP hosts that are accessible by subscribers.

When it is easy for subscribers to customize the services so that they can be called when they wish, the telephone companies that serve them naturally complete more calls and thereby improve profits. Since services offered are Web-based, the potential customer base extends worldwide.

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