Configuring H.323 Gateway

To configure a basic H.323 gateway, enable VoIP gateway functionality using the gateway command.

  1. Enter Global Configuration mode:

    router# configure terminal
  2. Enable the VoIP gateway:

    router(config)# gateway 
  3. Exit Gateway Configuration mode:

    router(config-gateway)# exit 

Next, configure the gateway interface parameters. Define which interface will be the gateway's H.323 interface to the VoIP network. Only one interface is allowed to be the gateway interface. You can select either the interface connected to the gatekeeper or a loopback interface.

After you define the gateway interface, you configure the gateway to discover the gatekeeper (multicasting or a specific host). Finally, configure the gateway's H.323 identification number and any technology prefixes that this gateway should register with the gatekeeper.

Use the next set of commands to define the Ethernet 1/0 interface to be used as the H.323 gateway interface and configure the H.323 gateway interface parameters, beginning in Global Configuration mode. For this example, assume that the gateway and gatekeeper's IP addresses are and, respectively:

  1. Enter Interface Configuration mode:

    router(config)# interface ethernet 1/0
  2. Configure an IP address for this interface with subnet mask:

    router(config-if)# ip address
  3. Designate this interface as being the H.323 gateway interface:

    router(config-if)# h323-gateway voip interface
  4. Specify an H.323 name (ID) for the gateway associated with this interface. The gateway uses this ID when it communicates with the gatekeeper. Usually, the H.323 ID is the name given to the gateway, with the gatekeeper domain name appended to the end:

    router(config-if)# h323-gateway voip h323-id interface-id
  5. Specify the name (ID) of the gatekeeper associated with this gateway and how the gateway finds it. The gatekeeper ID configured here must exactly match the gatekeeper ID in the gatekeeper configuration. The gateway determines the location of the gateway in one of three ways: by a defined IP address, through multicast, or via RAS.

    router(config-if)# h323-gateway voip id atl2600gk 1719
  6. Define the H.323 name of the gateway, identifying this gateway to its associated gatekeeper:

    router(config-if)# h323-gateway voip h323-id
  7. Specify a technology prefix. A technology prefix is used to identify a type of service that this gateway is capable of providing. This is an optional configuration.

    router(config-if)# h323-gateway voip tech-prefix 9#

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