Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM), also called customer care, is the process of communicating with the customer regarding their establishing accounts, service feature activation, handling customer inquiries adjusting accounts for disputes (account management), technical support, selling additional products and services to the customer (post sales support), and collection services.

Account Activation

Account activation is the acquiring and entering information that is required for the system to provide services to a customer. The account activation may involve many steps prior to the entry of information to the system. Account activation steps may require the customer to complete an application for service, credit check, and copying of documents that validate the identity of a new customer (to prevent fraud). Account activation also involves assigning the customer to specific rate plans for service charges.

Account activation involves informing network equipment of customer account information and what services they are authorized to use. This is called provisioning of the network.

Account Management

Account management involves communication with the customer for sales related and collections activities. Usually, all communication with the customer is recorded in various formats such as call records and voice recording.

Account management also involves creating records to track technical problems the customer may be experiencing with their service. These records of trouble (often called “trouble tickets” are routed to technical support. These trouble tickets remain open so managers can review progress until the problem is solved.

Account managers may also receive inquiries or billing complaints that require message investigation. Message investigation reviews billing records to resolve customer disputes. In some cases, account managers may be used to assist in the collection of outstanding invoices.

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